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211 - Slaves of desire (thesis of the book "The Witch of Nevada")

The Princeton thesis Michelly

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Dissertation of course
College Balahulkan - Yerushalayim - Hullafrols

Theme: Slaves of desire
Author: Princeton Michelly
Family Education: Maguetzi - 490
Preparation: 18/01/489 - 21/3/490

Dedicated to the illustrious
Agate Princeton, Giovanni Redcliff, Thomas Jackson, Katerine Lakers, Paul Istemihan and Camila Barison.

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Canto I: The projection sentimental
Canto II: The complexity of the psychological factors
Canto III: The illusion of love, the feeling possessive
Canto IV: The human weakness in the divine mercy
Canto V: Slaves of desire

Canto I:
The projection sentimental

What comes to a decision to be established to take in the characteristic committed loving relationship with others, analyze it, the root underlying the casting of such a decision freely and subjectively devised.
Due to the lack to be responsible for each, many, according to subjective psychological factors, living with a considerable tendency to project symbols of life to several factors.Residents of remote shacks in the slums of West symbolize the fact that they are in such a situation only in passing, as soon depart for their imaginary land of promise.Confabulate thus such a projection in order to mask the reality, the same makeup with dreams of their imagination, which, according to its scope, is to transmit such factors to the unconscious and this ends up accepting these ideas as true. - The majority, more sensible, port the notion of the lie, hiding it, but in the depths of his intimate, whereas others, come under such thing as absolute truth! Living like crazy, or suffering from compulsive lying. Given such a projection, and this material is derived, because the projection sentimental!
It is based on research already registered in the Supreme Council of Hullafrols upon registration No. 12637 under the authority of Michelly Princeton factor imminent in most of the spouses, the love, the essential part of every relationship, there is, or liesshortages in misera! So what is to be the remains dubious of such involvement? Let us therefore the response to this item:

Continuing in error due to lack existential human (expressed in more detail later on), what comes to forcing an individual to develop symbols for their own relationship in order to justify it and tackle it yourself a discharge of consciousness. Being concerned is not to love the spouse for himself, but the very feeling of love. Fancy thinking the question of being in love, living like a sweet passion. They love the feeling, using the individual only as a symbol for ending it as reality. In so doing, they confuse the factors, I think this love, in fact, the partner. - Often did not understand these things.
This manifests itself due to the complexity of psychological factors in each being, this will be apparent in the corner below.

Corner 2:
The complexity of the psychological factors

Attachments beforehand, symbolically displayed on the agenda, the main psychological factors of human beings in relation to this issue. These are: Grace, greed, fear, vanity, and loneliness (and attaching Considering only the first letters of these factors, we get the word "CAMVS").
Consider the impending reality that humans are an eternal friction feelings and doubts.CAMVS factor makes the fact of getting the "perfect balance" something impossible!The CAMVS is eternal in every being, so that those who appear to live free of such, just look! Gained maturity over time and now can only mask these factors, considering themselves no longer have those, which the party against human nature, while that if we were conceived in error, mistakes will live; will complete that otherwise of this, it is reported that there is perfect, being such a logical absurdity.
The eternal friction between himself CAMVS comes to merge with questions of life. It is therefore the reason for the vast majority of human errors, which, for even being aware of the complex that are lost in various confusions and misleading facts.
Solomon, King of Israel (reigned 971 BC-931 BC), says in his book titled "Ecclesiastes", annexed it the Holy Bible, the following:

"That which is crooked can not be made straight, what is lacking can not be calculated."
Ec. 1, 15

Noting that it follows the course! The problems that permeated a being in ancient times, thus justifying last feature, absolutely never be solved! Such a thing can only be controlled or suppressed in the depths of the person in question, noting that these weaknesses is to structure the behavior of the individual psyche, walking the same with this the entire length of his life, it can not be undone, as regards to a pillar behavior, which can never be deleted, just as I said choking.

Corner 3:
The illusion of love, the feeling possessive

The CAMVS extends in adversity! Because of this, especially by the fragment "grace" is the person conferring a "love" toward others, trapped, however, assuming that! Such a feeling of nobility wrapped nomenclator "love" is the subject of confusion and erroneous conclusions, while that is very easily confused with the "feeling possessive." Ended up thinking that you love that person, giving the error because such a feeling does not come from love, but greed of being, a sense of ownership! The fact that it has to be one himself (symbolically speaking) in the consciousness of the owner establishes a sense of security, which covers up by a factor of consumerism, in which the consumer is to always have available to yourself "food" that sustains their existential reason.

It is, however, inappropriate to the idea of ​​credibility in question due to spontaneous and immediate denial of virtually all beings when faced with such words, for a fact that at first appear absurd to those who do not even perceive it in their hearts.

It appears that "love" is a rare feeling, the vast majority of relationships structured by a possessive sense, which conveys the erroneous idea of ​​the perfect and supreme feeling, so the confused masses living, which never come to accept such close due to lack something intrinsic in every being, fear, and sense of ownership, which constantly stroking the ego of the person concerned.

The human being carries a nonsense in his psychological root ephemeral sense!Consider the factor of "betrayal" and well, let's see how powerful and this is the feeling possessive.

People attached to a relationship of years of existence come to collapse such a thing simply by becoming aware that the spouse in the act of kissing with another person. The root of the hatred manifested by the alleged betrayal when confronted with this fact motivated by selfishness grafted into the psychological structure of being. This weakness is widespread, which is widely disapproved of truth by the vast majority because they ignore such intellectual depths. Such selfishness belongs to human nature, and this question so they moderate or large, according to their psychological training.Perhaps the act of kissing or having sex with another person in relation to the spouse, provided him with pleasure and happiness, so it is wrong angry and destructive behavior of the supposed "betrayed" after all, if it says "love" will always want the best for the target of his passions. Now, it is acting contrary to this idea libertine, note the use of selfishness regarding the fact that "betrayed" spouse wanting only for you exclusively.
Obviously, this unfaithful behavior, if widespread in a matter of practice, amounts to a disregard for the spouse, due to underestimation of the source of pleasure that this has.However, this fact is to be in isolation, in fact destructive of the sense that only arise because of selfishness, feeling possessive of the marital partner so said "betrayed".

* These are complex ideas which require a mental release too deep, and only, however, rejected or accepted by evil people still unprepared to understand.

Corner 4:
The human weakness in the divine mercy

The human being, itself, consists of an aggregate of feelings and ideas too much. Soon, you need to understand the predisposition to the error that all these are likely to have been due to such factors, which cause you fear and doubt about the many issues of life.Everyone is not born, nor ever will be programmed to do just the right one! These are indirectly controlled by the shadows of his psyche, the darkness of the unconscious, which is structured on the basis of messages received in the course of his life. So many choices and attitudes that an individual has not derive from their conscious will, but the unconscious, where it is stored the information of each trauma, which often do not themselves know.

Noting the imminent factor mentioned this perception now from a purely human analysis, consider well, the divine vision on this subject in the subject directed to those who use the term faith in that question. We will see that the complex divine, of course, is stratospherically beyond human intellectual capacity. - Fait accompli when analyzing the complexity of existing factors. - Soon, it becomes intangible assumed that such a complex divine indispõe factor called the "mercy" to humanity, and becomes invalid the assumption that such a thing is in small part. Being who created all things, of course, understand human weakness rather than to all existing beings, simply because all these were created by him. Justifying such an idea appears, takes up what Jesus Christ (the personification of the divine human, according to Christian belief), expressed at a certain moment of his life, recorded in Matthew, attached to the Holy Bible:

"Then came Peter to him and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven? Jesus said to him: Do not say that up to seven, but seventy times seven. "
Matthew 18; 21.22

It is expressed and proven, the guideline that the complex subjective divine backs on the issue of human weakness. Whether to forgive the man fit so the more that it is the supreme factor. The counter to such arguments is to be an affront to the divine, that I can, to counter this, it automatically will be leaving indirectly assumed that the human mercy is even greater than that of the Supreme.

With regard to atheists presents itself, therefore the question of "relevance." Based on the same principle has been said of the emotional complexity of each being, it is necessary to show mercy to all in order to live in peace with one's fellows, and as certain in his heart that, as well as the subjective self has flaws a certain kind, others, of course, fail in the same or some other, absurd as it is. Stressing that every individual and is able to produce many different types of problems, leaving beings meekness and relevance to take such factors.

Canto 5:
Slaves of desire

As the human race can be considered intelligent if it is enslaved by the mediocrity of their own desires? * Cancel the formality now scientific factors to express intimate first-person, intending thereby to use me more truth in my story end.

I Michelly Princeton, I was always known when it comes to abstinence, because, by not knowing such a thing, disregarding the act, claiming it to be dirty, perverted, and immoral. However, the brilliant ideas and supernatural seduction preached at me through the young Redcliff, this has been the past year, put me in check on the board of uncertainty in order to defraud my convictions in my Tangia celibacy before, showing me a this desire, which went to fight violently against the pillars of my faith, my behavior constitutor before erroneously regarded by me as "holy."

When facing a season of serious spiritual crisis and uncertainties about my faith, gave me the indifference towards everything, handing me the drink and drugs, along with sex with the young op. However, because of emotional issues that keep confidential, such a relationship will not continue. Coincidentally, almost parallel, in the meantime I met a young man of the land of Red Bluff - California - Outside, carrying an aura of fantastic light stratospherically, this being one of the twelve most powerful aura of the whole face of this planet, as he still totally unaware of this, of what one has, the other is so complete that are united into one, which,

Indeed, it became a reality. It happened to me that due to the immense size and seductive in this light inhabitant, hopelessly in love with me that, while that by gifting me with your first kiss as soon as I got to make sure they fully surrender my body to such a second the sudden freak in me was awakened when taken by it. I have to confess before the celibacy, one of the highest predictive power of the carriers across the vastness of the world, the three-time champion's prize of Agnus blamelessness and posture; gave myself entirely to this!

Sex is one of the most powerful and engaging that exists among mankind. Simple approach to the beings of the opposite sex, the conferring of the act already comes from not doing so, they, due to various social symbols, such as Honor, education, and fear, and that unseen factors there are in fact end up invalidating the practical manifestation of the act and direct. However, the social symbols, about Christians, should be piously relieved, as interconnected to the commandments of the Lord of the same faith regarding the issue of honor by the glass, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit according to the faith of these, well expressed by the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians attached to the Holy Bible.

The carnal attraction questions the sustenance of the faith of the individual. The imminent possibility of being able to lose a state of delight because of a belief in uncertainty (because it is so because faith is necessary), is the desire to convey an immeasurable power on the person, who, failing to sell it, not is, in fact, because it is a so-called "holy" but as this is a "coward." Due to the fear of God and his lack of biblical ideas, in their ignorance, it is taxing things such absolute error, stupidly without question the root because of his convictions. We see little that mercy is over all beings, justified itself by the sacrifice of God Himself on Calvary's cross, in relevance to Christians. To the atheist, convert it to an existential cowardice stifle the aggregate of mind due to the numerous social symbols, which enslave the human mind, causing them to follow such since childhood, these confabulating the absurdity of being contradicted one day. These symbols come to be control, which go on to live in such unconscious on the domain of nonexistence, which make you cower before the daring of the temporary life.

In conclusion, I, with Christian convictions restored through deep and careful study, I declare my weakness when it comes to withdrawal due respect to the standard religious cast. Even the bearer of such a faith, which differs from the majority, I do not think convenient to be hypocritical and express that in a perfect way I behaved in the days following. No way! As already stated, the desire is something very powerful, and I've been through the date of this walking madly in love with the young crazed Red Bluff where he lives my two great loves. To him I give my lips, my days, my sweat, my body, my intimacy! Somehow my prophetic sense says that this world I go, failing that I discern clearly, but there is a looming suspicion that separate me from my love in some way.With this, my intention is now open to me since his seed so that it penetrates in my gardens. Thus, it is a choice, now in possession of a legendary spirit about himself, the child who will provide me, and know why this prophecy, will carry the highest power of the sphere of light across the entire expanse of this planet.

Such reports in order to expose the placement of that "evil comes from property", "error is correct," "the shadows comes the light." So if I do not act so wrongly, according to the religious, as well the child would be born to save the world (I speak prophetically)? I would then be responsible for the end of existence for having refused me to such a relationship? In a final that these words have lost their credibility when they read the prophetic view of the facts they had not yet happened, happening this year just ahead of this date. After that, it should logically be disclosed as an absolute claim, giving this, the credible evidence that the errors culminating as necessary for the healthy functioning of the human species and that in any way they will be condemned, but the fundamental essence that each of us there.

I conclude that, of right and wrong, sin and obedience, neglect and honors, I Michelly Princeton, subject to faith, light, and darkness to underneath my convictions, for behold, the only certainty that I had in my lifetime, the to justify this thesis is that, the seducer of Red Bluff, my companion in the struggle for this world, my boy's face to awaken strange, for it ... I, more than all the things that extend from the west to the east of this vast world, I was lost, crazy, and completely in love!

I know and I'm absolutely convinced that nothing will separate us! Neither life, much less ... Death!

Ends here!

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